Let us help you preserve your fondest memories with professional photos.

Free 8 x 10 plus 1- 8 x 10, 1- 3 x 5 & 6 wallets and 1 Desktop & 16 mini Combo FOR $ 7.88 PLUS SHIPPING

Call for information and to schedule a photo shoot. We print 17" photos  in studio with our canon IPF 5000

 Posters, Newsletters, Progames, Signs and Campaign pictures: 100 to 1000 (100 per $155.00) Reprints $125,00

    Tally Laser Photo Printer



Welcome to Black's Photo Shop Studio!

Black's Video Production the priniple that quality video programming can be made quickly and without the overhead costs of larger Production studios. Black's use small broadcast quality camcorders (Panasonic AG-DVC-200 &  AG-DVX100AP), Panasonic edit station (DV), which can be arranged in any number of specialized configurations depending upon clients needs.

We offer competitive rates, quick turnaround, flexible schedules and the opportunity to tailor your project to your vision. Our clients understand the increased benefits of a small and flexible production company compared to a larger, more traditional studio. Regardless of how big or small your project, Black's Video Productions can turn your idea into a reality for a fraction of the costs of larger production companies. Click this  to see some of our work.  We now scan all photos, films with our Nikon Supercoolscan 9000ED.  


we now have "darkroom professional software"

IFREELANCE     View my portfolio at ifreelance.

Photoreflect         www.blackent.info

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